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Accutane health is a complex of somatic, emotional, intellectual and social factors that positively enrich the personality, increase a person's communication skills and his ability to love. In accordance with the criteria developed by the Sexological Institute in Hamburg, all forms of sexual activity, sexual behavior and sexual activity that take place between two mature persons of different sexes, are accepted by both of them and are aimed at achieving pleasure that does not harm their health, can be considered the norm. and does not violate the norms of the community.

Thus, the following conceptual approaches can be distinguished to the allocation of various groups of definitions (definitions) of health:

It is based on the normal functionrationing of the body at various levels (molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, organismic). This approach defines health as the normal course of physiological and biochemical processes.

With this approach, health is a state of dynamic (homeoresis) and static (homeostasis) balance between the body and the environment, and the criterion for assessing the balance is the correspondence of the body's structures and functions to the surrounding conditions.

Isotretinoin is considered from the standpoint of the dynamic balance of the organism, its functions and environmental factors.